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Customized Wi-Fi Solutions

We offer a complete system with maintenance, management and customer service. We will manage your system and provide you with continued support to make your wireless transition as simple and carefree as possible. Call it “Wi-Fi piece-of-mind.”

Blue Horizon Wi-Fi provides a convenient wireless network service. Also available is our high-performance, point-to-point solutions provide a reliable connection to your satellite locations with no additional monthly internet costs.

  • Splash Page Design & Marketing
  • Point-to-Point Wireless

Wi-Fi Solutions



• Each boater will have Wi-Fi access in their boat and throughout marina common grounds

• All of their Wi-Fi capable equipment can be connected on a private individual user account (i.e., Apple TV®, IPhone®, Macbook®, etc.) and utilized on their boat

• Each member and guest will have a user name and password and limited or unlimited device connection


Public Space In Bank Office
  • Provide a secure office wide Wi-Fi network for staff and guests
  • Connect wireless network printers, VOIP devices, projection systems, and much more
  • Commercial cloud router system can be the base to entire network to manage switches and provide added network security


  • Provide an affordable alternative for RV residents
  • Attract more guests with the added Wi-Fi amenity
  • An additional income stream for your business

Multi Unit Housing


• Residents will be able to connect all of their wireless devices within their condominium or apartment unit.
Wi-Fi for residents is no longer an amenity, it’s expected.  Be Wi-Fi ready and stay above the competition!

• All user connections will be completely firewalled from each other, as well as the main database

• Indoor and outdoor community area will also be covered

Retirement Homes

  • Building-wide or community area coverage
  • Complete management & customer service
  • Firewall security to communicate & manage finances
  • Use to keep in touch with family; Skype, email, Google Voice™.
  • Watch video online & from family
  • Schedule important appointments
  • Keep track of investments online


website pictures restaurant ipads

• Guests and employees have free access to a secure Wi-Fi system throughout the complex
• Guests can view participating store coupons or discounts
• Secure, firewalled connection for all visitors
• Paid advertising available for mall stores